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Directions to Double E Ranch and New Mexico Cabin Rentals

Map of New Mexico

At Double E Ranch you'll find a real piece of history hidden in southwestern New Mexico, less than 5 hours  from majorairports in Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, or El Paso.   Click to enlarge the Map to see where Double E Guest Ranch is located -->   -->   --> -->   -->   --> 

Double E RanchIf you plan to drive from Albuquerque:  We are approximately 250 miles (5.5 hours) from Albuquerque.  From the airport, get onto I-25, heading south.  At Socorro, exit onto Highway 60 South, driving through Socorro. Make sure your gas tank is topped off before leaving Socorro.  The distances are great...the gas stations are few.  Watch for the sign indicating Highway 60 makes a right turn.  Continue through Magdalena, to Datil. Watch your speed limits!  The road is very straight and some are tempted to push the pedal down a bit.  Be advised NM State Highway Patrol will be happy to "welcome" you.  At Datil, turn left onto Highway 12 and continue to Reserve.  In Reserve, Highway 12 makes a right turn.  Follow Highway 12 about 7 more miles to Highway 180, turn left onto Highway 180 and drive south till you get to Cliff.  At Cliff, turn left onto Highway 211.  Drive past the school, bear to the right at the "Y", continuing across the Gila River.  Once in Gila, bear to the left at the next "Y" onto Highway 153, go 1 short block to Hooker Loop.  There will be a small trailer park on your right.  Turn right onto Hooker Loop 3 miles.  Watch for the Ranch sign.  Bear to the right onto Double E Ranch Road at the Ranch sign. You will dead-end at Headquarters.

Flying into Phoenix:  Beginning December 1, 2012 Great Lakes Airlines is offering flights from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport into Silver City. Connection times are very convenient. The connecting flight from Phoenix departs Sky Harbor Airport at 4:30 pm, arriving in Silver City at 5:35 pm. Silver City to Phoenix departure is 5:45 pm, arriving Phoenix at 6:50 pm. Please be sure to let us know if you want us to pick you up in Silver City.

We are an easy 5 hour drive from the airport in Phoenix.  Once you have your rental car, leave the airport to Highway 60 East, toward Globe.  In Globe, Highway 60 makes a left turn at the traffic light near Walmart. You will continue driving straight ahead which becomes Highway 70 through the San Carlos Apache Reservation, and  into Safford. (Last opportunity to buy gasoline for 100 miles.) Drive east out of  Safford, on Highway 70 about 10 miles, and turn left onto  Highway 191, which will take you toward Morenci/Clifton.  At the 3-way stop, continue driving east without turning.  Highway 191 becomes Highway 78 as you l begin to climb into the mountains.  Be careful!  Sharp curves, drive slowly!  Dropping down out of the mountains, through Mule Creek, you will intersect with Highway 180.  Right turn onto 180 South about 30 miles, through Buck Horn, to Cliff.  In Cliff, turn left onto Highway 211 all the way into Gila.  At the fork in Gila, bear to the left on Highway 153 one block, turning right onto Hooker Loop, 3.1 miles.  At Double E Ranch Road, bear  right at the Double E Ranch Sign.  You will  dead-end  at Headquarters.  Alternate Route to avoid Hwy 78:  From Safford, take Highway 70 to Highway 90 (just north of Lordsburg), turn left onto Highway 90 towards Silver City. 

In Silver City, go left onto Highway 180, follow 180 for 25 miles (mile marker 89) to Highway 211, turn right onto 211driving 4 miles to Gila.  In Gila, 211 will bear left. You continue to drive straight ahead onto NM 153, for approximately ONE BLOCK. There will be an old adobe Catholic Church on your left and a very unatttactive trailer park on your right. Make a right turn onto Hooker Loop, driving 3.1 miles. Look for the wooden ranch sign "Welcome to Double E Ranch". Bear rigfht onto Double E Ranch Road, following the signs to your cabin.

Flying into Tucson:  We are an easy 4 hour drive from the airport in Tucson.  Leave Tucson on Highway 10 East.  Once in New Mexico, take "Silver City" exit at Lordsburg and follow it about a mile to the Highway 70 Exit toward Silver City.  Once you leave the Highway 10, you will travel north approximately 1 mile.  Look for signs "Silver City" (Highway 90).  You will make a right turn onto Highway 90.  Drive 40 miles.

Near Silver Cikty, you will cross a large bridge near the Tyrone Mines.  About 1 mile past this bridge, on the left, look for "Truck By-Pass Road" and a sign for "Cliff".  Turn left onto Truck By-Pass Road driving 1 mile.  It will intersect with Highway 180.   Left turn onto Hwy 180.  There will be a large bilboard sign "GILA - Gateway to the Gila Wilderness" on your right. Just beyond this sign is the right turn onto NM Hwy 211. Drive 4 miles to Gila. Once in Gila, Highway 211 bears to the left.  DO NOT BEAR LEFT!  Continue driving straight ahead (north) (becomes Hwy 153) one block past the Post Office and Medical Clinic, to Hooker Loop  There is a small unattractive trailer park on your right.  Turn right onto Hooker Loop 3.1 miles, bearing right at Double E Ranch Sign to Headquarters.)  New Mexico Vista

Flying into El Paso:  We are an easy 3.5 hour drive from the airport in El Paso.  Exit the airport, following signs to Highway 10 West.  At Deming turn North (right) onto Highway 180 West to Silver City.  Follow 180 through Silver City, watch for the right turn at the Sonic Drive-In; continue West on Highway 180 about 25 miles (mile marker 89), turn right onto Highway 211 to Gila.  The Town of Gila is 4 miles.  Once in Gila, you will arrive at a fork in the road.    Continue driving straight for ONE BLOCK to Hooker Loop.  DO NOT follow 211 to the left!  Turn right onto Hooker Loop driving 3.1 miles to Double E Ranch Road.  Bear right at Double E Ranch Sign and you will dead-end at Headquarters where there are signs directing you to your cabin.




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